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In a provocative and thoroughly-research post, Steve Rayson propels an argument that quantity can win out over quality in the content marketing world. In this episode, Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster explore every side of this position and show why it can be a legitimate strategy. The guys also revitalize their live conference idea -- Companion Storm!

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Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster discuss research demonstrating that the web dramatically changes the way we think and process messages today. Social proof like followers and likes may be more important than actual facts. The guys also break out a "would you rather" challenge that will have you laughing.

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What creates personal power on the web? Your title on an organizational chart doesn't matter. Your money doesn't matter. When you get down to it, you need to be known. Hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster explore this fascinating and important topic and introduce the world's first Marketing Olympics.

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A small comment in the recent Facebook earnings announcement sent a shiver through the marketing community -- its ad inventory is drying up. As the popularity of the social network goes up, so will its advertising rates. Mark and Tom also debate Twitter's new branding strategy, why Silicon Valley needs to move to Dayton, Ohio, and some terrible new apps.

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Facebook has taken a position that violent and graphic content has a place on your news feed. Should Facebook have to follow the same government rules pertaining to obscenity and violence in content? Plus hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster introduce the world's worst apps of 2016.

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Why will Snapchat remain relevant for the long term? Why are content streaming habits changing dramatically? Does Facebook need to be regulated by the FCC? These are just a few of the fascinating topics in this episode. And don't miss the world's first audio emojis!

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What are the hot trends shaping the field of marketing over the next few years? Hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster look at the developments that will be pressing in to our budgets, our strategies, and even the skills we'll need to get ready for the future of marketing.

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New research reveals that the humble podcast is experiencing double-digit annual growth. Podcast consumers are more affluent, highly educated, and more connected to brands than the average consumer. Is podcasting the most effective way to connect to consumers in an increasingly ad-free world? Hosts Mark Schaefer and Tome Webster also introduce the latest product from the Marketing Labs, Tommodium, when being you is not enough.

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Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster examine a number of developments aimed at cutting through the clutter including the crisis in ad blocking, new content forms, the gamification of content and much more. The guys also introduce their new movie blockbuster "Chatbots: Revolution."

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In this episode, hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster dissect what they would like to see "more of"and "less of" in the marketing world. And introducing Slurry, the new Marketing Companion Chatbot.

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