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In this limited edition series, Mark Schaefer introduces some of the innovative marketers featured in his book "Marketing Rebellion." Martin Lindstrom is a fascinating anthropologist who plops himself into the middle of homes and businesses to find the consumer secrets others miss. He is leading the way in a new way to view marketing leadership.

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How do you win in a post-loyalty, post-sales funnel, post-advertising world? Mark Schaefer discusses the genesis of his new book "Marketing Rebellion" with Tom Webster and reveals some exciting bonus content coming to Marketing Companion fans.

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When it comes to marketing and business leaders, Kerry Gorgone has talked to some of the best through her Marketing Smarts podcast. In this special episode of The Marketing Companion, Mark and Kerry discuss the leaders and marketing wisdom that have inspired her the most over the years.

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The advertising industry is convulsing as traditional channels dry up. This episode explores how "pipelines" are effortlessly feeding products into consumer households, why young influencers are ruling the roost and how advertising's brightest light is destroying new publishing models. Mark and Tom hand our their annual "wurst" awards.

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In this episode, Mark and Tom dissect research indicating severe reliability problems with popular sentiment analysis algorithms. They also discuss re-branding strategy in the news, new evidence of mis-trust in corporate brands and Alexa's growing dominance.

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Mark and Tom talk about why Microsoft's president is calling for immediate legislation on some new technology, why ad agencies are losing business to consulting firms and why "the show" may be the most important consideration to your marketing plan. It all points to changes on the marketing landscape.

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Marketers have too little time and too much data. Why isn't AI making a positive impact on data analysis yet? How will new opportunities with smart speakers integrate with AI and what does the artificial intelligence revolution mean for business education? Nipsey makes a surprise appearance to show off new human-like qualities.

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Hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster explain how a strong economy impacts professional behavior, why streaming television is heading for a fall-out and how Facebook's first entry into hardware tips the creepy scale

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Host Mark Schaefer reflects on lesson learned in his ten years as an entrepreneur, and Tom Webster dissects why there are no new social media channels emerging.

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Mark and Tom explain why you should be excited by the promise of Medium, nervous about the WSJ coverage of internal Google politics, and applauding an insurance company for doing something crazy cool.

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