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marketing lessons 2015 is going down in the books as a transformational year for the discipline of marketing. There is just so much going on ... and it's going on so FAST! As Tom Webster and I compared notes from our recent journeys we began to see some themes and marketing lessons that we thought would be entertaining and useful to discuss on our podcast. So ... we did! On the latest episode of The Marketing Companion we get into some wild discussions on some thought-provoking developments such as:

  1. Branding is more important that ever. In fact we're at a tipping point where every person must be a brand to be relevant in this digital age.
  2. Relationship mode versus sales mode in content marketing
  3. Facebook is slipping through our fingers as a business tool, as the most important social channel evolves into something new.
  4. Content monetization at the point of contact
  5. The renaissance of social media engagement and interactive media
  6. Growing sophistication of social media marketers
  7. Courage as a core marketing competency

This is a podcast you cannot miss. Here we go: Resources mentioned in this podcast

Kristian Strøbech

Kelly Michael 

Ulrik Heilmann CEO of Bolius

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