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The Star Wars editon of Google pants. Let's just get that out of the way. Yes this is part of the cherished and much-anticipated Marketing Companion Holiday Catalogue. It's not just the dream book of 2016. This may be the Dream Book of the Century.  At this point you may wondering, "Mark, where can we get this spectacular book of wonder?" The answer my friends is blowing in the wind. No it's not. There is no wind on a blog. The secret is in the latest edition of The Marketing Companion podcast.

In our annual holiday extravaganza, my scintillating co-host Tom Webster and I tantalize and tease your deepest desires with brand new products such as CrapChat and your very own You Can Be An Influencer Starter Kit. And thanks to our creative friend Ralph Cipolla ( for the Catalogue design. Alas, The Marketing Companion is a serious podcast for serious people and we also grudgingly cover a REAL topic -- our projections for the marketing trends to watch in 2016, including:

  • The rise of advanced new opportunities for sampling and trials
  • The fourth digital epoch is ushered in by Facebook Oculus, opening amazing new business models.
  • Two trends that will make podcasting the best advertising value.
  • We begin to leave our content "homebase" and build a stronger presence on Facebook as the content "magnet" drifts away.
  • Why computer-generated content could transform the marketing function.
  • Why personal branding is even more important in the marketing world of 2016.
  • ... and more! Seriously. There's more.

And did I mention CrapChat? Yes! Get you some. OK, time to put down the holiday punch and click this audio file to check out our marketing madness for the month ...

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