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I'm a data junkie. So this is a good time for me to be in marketing because we sure have a lot of amazing facts and figures at our finger tips. But once in a while I see some fact that is mind-blowing and I thought it would be fun to share some of these with you! On our latest podcast episode, Tom Webster and I dug deep into the bowels of the Internet to explore some of the most amazing facts and figures from the social web. It's social media BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

  • The number one pinned item on Pinterest (MOUTH-WATERING!)!
  • The most photographed brand on the web (BY FAR!)!
  • Mind-boggling data on Snapchat (GASP!)
  • The biggest messaging app in the world (NO WAY!)
  • The number one social network in the world (it's NOT Facebook?)
  • The magic of Kik (WHAT???)
  • The huge slide in Facebook posting! (MIND-BLOWING!)
  • Ads -- the most effective content type (HUH??)
  • The mind-numbing impact of mobile on content distribution (DEATH DEFYING!!)

... Plus SHOW TUNES!!!  You simply have to hear to believe it! Are you ready for this? Here we go ...

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