The Marketing Companion

Is social media turning into a three-horse race? New research by Edison indicates that Americans are starting to migrate to three big social media platforms, while usage and preference is flattening out on secondary platforms. In this scintillating, 99th episode of The Marketing Companion, Tom Webster reveals a study 2o years in the making: The Infinite Dial. Some of the highlights of this show:

  • The social media shake-out: Why Snapchat will last and Twitter is in trouble
  • Emergence of smart speakers (like Google Home and Alexa) ... and why Apple is falling behind.
  • The profound implications of the extraordinary growth in video subscriptions
  • The decline of advertising opportunities and the impact on marketing
  • Surprising listener trends in podcasts (and why young people aren't going there)
  • The rise of YouTube as a music channel

In this episode, Tom and I also read our spam, because we can. Who's ready to rumble? Resources mentioned in this podcast: Edison's Infinite Dial Report Norm McDonald's Moth Joke.

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