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Mark Schaefer and Amanda Russell both have globally-recognized brands but took drastically different routes regarding their self-promotion strategies. In this show, the co-hosts discuss their pitfalls and challenges, the need to evolve strategies over time, the limits of self-disclosure, being "on-brand," over-sharing, and more.

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Have you considered how brand and marketing messaging evolve over time? Have you noticed a trend from product attributes to values? Mark Schaefer and Keith Jennings offer a new way to think about marketing in a changing world with implications for how you and your business can stand out in a noisy world. 

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Digital marketing pioneer Dennis Yu and futurist Mark Schaefer debate the state of the marketing jobs market. The market is red hot but can it stay that way? What job skills are needed to compete now in and in the future? And how can we take advantage of technology to fill marketing jobs in creative new ways? It's a can't-miss show!

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