The Marketing Companion
Amanda Russell relates an amazing story of how she cuts through the clutter to surround herself with powerful business relationships. This is a graduate level class about networking strategy and gaining attention of thought leaders in a busy world.
Some themes:
  • Deep research on potential connections
  • Creating value that cuts through the noise
  • Continual effort to build on momentum
  • Establishing a mutually-beneficial relationship
  • Focus on the individual, not the ask
  • Prioritizing follow up and follow through
  • Establishing reciprocity
  • The role of community
Mark and Amanda also discuss the phenomenon of imposter syndrome. It seems to be everywhere but neither one of them has this condition. How do they approach scary new situations and ambiguity with confidence?
Amanda Russell is a college educator at the University of Texas, author of The Influencer Code, and consultant on influencer marketing. 
Mark Schaefer is a strategy consultant, college educator, keynote speaker and the author of 10 books including "KNOWN" and "Marketing Rebellion." His annual marketing retreat is The Uprising.
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