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In this show, Mark Schaefer and two friends, Samantha Stone and Chad Parizman, weave a story of his greatest professional accomplishment -- ten years in the making. It's not a book, it's not a famous speech. This is the story of 30 people who took a risk together. 
Samantha Stone is the founder and CEO of The Marketing Advisory Network. She is a teacher, consultant, marketing strategist, researcher, and the author of Unleash Possible. 
Chad Parizman has been a digital marketing strategist for HGTV and Pfizer and currently leads brands into an effective social audio strategy through his company Ader Communications.
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In this unique episode, Mark Schaefer talks about how viewing "community" through the lens of brand marketing is not a strategy that works, it is marketing that heals. In fact, community might be the greatest overlooked marketing opportunity in the history of marketing opportunities. The legendary Douglas Burdette serves as a special co-host for this episode. This episode includes a free chapter of Mark's new book "Belonging to the Brand."

Douglas Burdette is the founder of Artillery Marketing and the host of the well-known Marketing Book podcast. 

Mark Schaefer is a strategy consultant, college educator, keynote speaker and the author of 10 books including "KNOWN," "Marketing Rebellion" and "Belonging to the Brand." His annual marketing retreat is The Uprising

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Tom Peters was named as one of the top 10 business minds of this century and he just published an extraordinary new book. In this interview, he covers some surprising topics with typical boldness:
  • His surprising take on "quiet quitting."
  • "You don't have to like your employees, but you have to love them."
  • Why great speakers act out of a sense of desperation about their message
  • Why "business is community, period."
  • Your job as a leader is to "hire well and promote."
  • Why he is perpetually pissed off
  • Why we need to hire "the quiet ones."
Tom is best-known for his book "In Search of Excellence" and his new book is 
"The Compact Guide to Excellence."
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