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AI is everywhere and seemingly everything these days in the world of marketing. But now that we're getting through the magic trick phase of AI we're beginning to observe the powerful impact it could have on culture, community, and careers. Let's begin the discussion today, a discussion that is just starting in our world today.

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Sara Wilson has been studying Gen Z with a detective-like intensity and her new research report gives us a guide for connecting with them. We talk about their hideouts, their curious aesthetic, the role of "faux-stalgia," the importance of the absurd, and much more. Your head will spin with new insights and ideas in this conversation with Mark Schaefer. 

Mark Schaefer is a strategy consultant, college educator, keynote speaker and the author of 10 books including "KNOWN" and "Marketing Rebellion," and “Belonging to the Brand.” His annual marketing retreat is The Uprising.

Sara Wilson is a journalist-turned-social-marketer (former Facebook & Instagram) who works with brands, publications, and platforms like YouTube, Nike, Bumble, the New York Times and many others find, engage and grow obsessive communities across digital channels through her consultancy SW Projects. Sara also writes frequently on the subject of digital marketing trends; she coined the term "digital campfires" in the Harvard Business Review to describe the types of spaces where young audiences are gathering online today, and often speaks and leads workshops on this and other topics related to social innovation, web3, and Gen Z consumption trends to companies around the world such as Microsoft and McKinsey.

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