The Marketing Companion
In this unique episode. Amanda Russell and Mark Schaefer offer an exclusive look at the extraordinary marketing challenges in the field of marketing. In a world where taste, scarcity, and exclusivity rule, the foundations of mass marketing are meaningless. How do luxury brands connect in a personal way that builds community? There are important lessons here for any marketer!

Mark Schaefer is a strategy consultant, college educator, keynote speaker and the author of 10 books including "KNOWN" and "Marketing Rebellion." His annual marketing retreat is The Uprising.

Amanda Russell is the founder of the Global Center for Influence (C4In), launching (2023) at the University of Texas at Austin with a mission to help brands & people learn how to position themselves and their companies for success, bridging the gap between academia and practice. Amanda's mission is to enhance how we do 'higher education. Former Olympic-level athlete, Founder-to-sale Entrepreneur and Marketing Consultant who still loves the brain gymnastics of helping people and companies become more influential among their desired audience. Professor, Author "The Influencer Code", Speaker, Board Member and Director of C4In

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