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Many businesses are being disrupted by new digital entrants. Perhaps the only way to fight back is to add emotion. Mark and Brooke look at a new retailing case study, the end of likes, and a new marketing platform from Amazon.

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In this free audio chapter of Mark Schaefer's book LESSONS, Mark provides you exclusive insight from studying under management and marketing legend Peter Drucker

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In this episode, Mark and Brooke discuss the vital topic of staying relevant in a fast-changing world. There are some surprising insights here as they tackle strategies on trends, skills, technology and even the impact of your personal appearance.

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Use the same book cover graphic on all five episodes please. In this exclusive bonus content, Mark Schaefer provides a free chapter from his essential new book LESSONS: Essays to help you embrace the chaos, In this episode, Mark teaches us how to stay relevant in an age of disruption

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Marketers flock to whatever is popular until the ruin it. Mark Schaefer rants on this show that great marketing should be about non-conformity. He and Brooke Sellas also discuss an exciting new trend from Nike, an honest tech movement and the 10 Gen Z words you need to know now.

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