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Influencer and educator Amanda Russell joins Mark to reveal how she has transcended tragedy to create a bold new personal future. As we close out another pandemic year we look back into our lives and reveal the lessons we learned about how to find light in the darkness, hope in despair and a survival mindset when your world seems to be falling apart. You’ve never heard an episode like this before. 

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Keith Jennings climbs aboard the Companion train to discuss the role of habit in marketing strategy, success, and results. It's a topic that has been overlooked for too long and this discussion shines a light on the role of habit in leadership, cultural change, and gains.

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Entrepreneurial genius Dennis Yu steps into the co-host's seat to discuss his plan to create 1 million new marketing jobs. We also get into sales bros, Jake Paul, lousy LinkedIn pitches, robo-consulting, true personalization, and how "emotional AI" is going to be the biggest game-changer.

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"Community" might be the most important and misunderstood marketing buzz word. Brooke Sellas joins Mark Schaefer to discuss community success and failure, the connection to true marketing opportunity, and its role in a crypto-enabled creator economy of the future.

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Jay Acunzo and Mark Schaefer discuss how reach, resonance, and relevance are intertwined and evolving into something new in a post-SEO world. They show how expertise is now a commodity on the web unless you have the brand to go with it. They blow up the notion of monetizing an audience into some practical and rational ideas. This episode will re-frame your idea of how content works in the world today. 
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The is the first episode of a re-launch of The Marketing Companion featuring a discussion with Mathew Sweezey, marketing director for Salesforce. In this wide-ranging discussion, we cover trending news items from Facebook and TikTok and then go deep into how influencers are reinventing traditional retail, branding, eCommerce, and entertainment. This will reframe your view of the future of marketing.

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In this new episode, Mark Schaefer has a big announcement about the future of the Marketing Companion. Mark and Brooke discuss the evolution of branding as well as trending news from Peloton and Facebook.

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In this show, Mark and Brooke look at a variety of AI innovations that could impact content marketers and consumers, including holograms and deep fakes. They also cover solutions to content overload, stunning new research on post-pandemic consumer trends, and Brooke's go-to karaoke song.

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Mark Schaefer and Brooke Sellas discuss how technology is opening new "seams of opportunity" in marketing for senior living, virtual meetings, healthcare, real estate, insurance, and other industries. 

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What happens when AI can accurately replicate a conversation with a lost loved one? The personality of a business leader like Steve Jobs? The presence of Jesus or Gandhi? Does it become a tool for healing and great leadership, or will it become the next addiction? Mark and Brooke dissect a case study from the news in this surprising and fascinating discussion.

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One of the most interesting and important trends coming out of the pandemic is Live Commerce. Born in China and now spreading rapidly around the world, this trend combines influencers, streaming, entertainment, and impulse buying. Mark and Booke also discuss the strange influence of Peppa Pig, Instagram's pivot, and why young people are not going into sales. 

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The wonderful world of marketing continues to evolve! What can we learn from the evolution of streaming services, a disturbing change at TikTok, and re-discovery of the written word (newsletters are HOT!). Plus, a tribute to Zelda.
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After a grueling year, pandemic-weary consumers are heading for the hills. Every vacation venue is over-booked. But what happens when this surge in demand meets an employment crisis? Mark and Brooke kick off the ninth season of The Marketing Companion with their analysis, plus a post-content marketing world, and a dating app for Gen Z.

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The pandemic has created an era of unintended consequences. In this episode, Mark and Brooke present 10 non-obvious emerging trends that could present new opportunities for marketers everywhere. In this exciting show, Mark challenges you to see the world through the lens of "fractures in the status quo."

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Snap seems to be making all the right moves. The stock is soaring and so is revenue. But their latest move is confusing. Or, is it bold and ground-breaking? Mark and Brooke debate the prospects for Snap as well as trends in emotion detection, Gen Z career choices, and Mark's issue with Resting Bitch Face.

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New research points to radical changes on the marketing job front. The good news is, jobs are growing. The bad news is, you might need to upgrade your skillset. Mark and Brooke explore the post-pandemic job market as well the fall-out from the digital ad apocalypse.

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Scott Monty and Tim Washer, creators of the famous Marketing Companion intros do a show takeover and provide their unique perspective on Mark Zuckerberg, influencers, TikTok, and beyond! 

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The hottest topic in marketing is the new emphasis on purpose-driven marketing. Consumers are rapidly organizing and activating online. Is this something every company should adopt, and how do you even begin? Mark Schaefer offers tangible advice. Mark and Brooke also cover the new emoji king and an update on the state of digital ads.

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Business legend Tom Peters leads today's show with a boatload of direct and entertaining advice about compassion, excellence, personal branding, extreme community, and his surprising final thoughts to marketing leaders of the world. 

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This special episode features Raja Rajamannar, the CMO of MasterCard. Raja contends that marketing is deeply flawed and heading for trouble. The answer lies in creating a new marketing mindset recognizing the indisputable consumer truths. 

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Mark and Brooke dissect some of the most interesting and surprising Gen Z trends. Absurd content? Pinterest fans? Hype houses? This and more in the new Marketing Companion episode!

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Mark starts the show with a moving example about how marketing is about helping during this pandemic and Brooke introduces case studies illustrating the emerging power of LiDAR on marketing and advertising.

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Mark Schaefer reflects on the fact that there is light at the end of this tunnel!

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Mark and Brooke dive into the secrets of personal and marketing momentum and explain how a poor boy growing up in the slums of Philadelphia a century ago changed our view of the world forever.

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In this episode, Mark and Brooke use examples from YouTube and streaming TV to show how the pressure on content marketing is becoming relentless. This episode also features exclusive content from Martin Lindstrom and lessons from Mark's first sabbatical.


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The new episode kicks off with Mark answering this question: "Can the internet be used to unite people?" and then the hosts cover some non-obvious trends emerging from the pandemic era.

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In this unique episode, Mark and Brooke talk about the personal impact of 2020 on their lives, their most valuable lessons from a year gone wrong, and their hope for 2021.

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