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Mark Schaefer and Brooke Sellas discuss how technology is opening new "seams of opportunity" in marketing for senior living, virtual meetings, healthcare, real estate, insurance, and other industries. 

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What happens when AI can accurately replicate a conversation with a lost loved one? The personality of a business leader like Steve Jobs? The presence of Jesus or Gandhi? Does it become a tool for healing and great leadership, or will it become the next addiction? Mark and Brooke dissect a case study from the news in this surprising and fascinating discussion.

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One of the most interesting and important trends coming out of the pandemic is Live Commerce. Born in China and now spreading rapidly around the world, this trend combines influencers, streaming, entertainment, and impulse buying. Mark and Booke also discuss the strange influence of Peppa Pig, Instagram's pivot, and why young people are not going into sales. 

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