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In this revealing show, Mark Schaefer and Brooke Sellas look at the rapidly changing world of civil activism and "woke" movements on company culture and marketing strategy. We are in an unprecedented time when outside forces unrelated to our company and product can influence marketing strategy in unprecedented ways. This is an unmissable episode

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Mark Schaefer and Mathew Sweezey apply a rapid-fire approach to marketing trend analysis in this fast-paced show. What's hot, what's not? Is it social media, content marketing, podcasts, web3? You won't want to miss this expert analysis. 

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Mark Schaefer and Jay Acunzo break down their creative journeys and the relationship between money and creativity. This episode is full of unique insights as they talk about resources versus resourcefulness, the bane of money, the future of creativity, and the poetic inspiration of "Rocky."

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