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A few years ago, Mark Schaefer predicted that "Facebook would be the next Facebook," explaining that the company had the engineering, technical, and financial resources to build or buy their way into the next phase of social networking. Is that still the case? Brooke and Mark also examine developments at Amazon and an "office-less" office.

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In this final bonus episode, Mark Schaefer gives away another free chapter from his book LESSONS: Essays to help you embrace the chaos. In this installment, he provides his best tricks to help you get ready for an important presentation.

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Host Mark Schaefer hosted a marketing retreat dedicated to exploring the future of marketing. Mark and Brooke report on some of the key takeaways from this exciting gathering of business thought leaders.

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In this exclusive bonus chapter from Mark Schaefer's book LESSONS, he tells a story about one his great mentors changed his life with a single word!

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