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Mark and Brooke dissect important new research to find some surprising shifts in the use of social media, smart speakers, podcasting consumers. We reveal the identity of listener number one million!

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Mark Schaefer shares his view of personal and business priorities in this time of extreme disruption and loss.

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Mark and Brooke dissect a variety of trends including an experiential marketing plan that includes "full body towelettes," innovations from Twitter and LinkedIn, a discussion of slow tech adoption, and a personal reflection from Mark on his competition.

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On the latest show, Mark and Brooke announce a contest to honor the one millionth download of The Marketing Companion podcast! Could YOU be the lucky winner? The hosts also cover big news from the podcasting world plus innovations coming from Twitter and Instagram.

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New statistics show that blogging activity has slumped after a decade of continuous growth. Mark and Brooke examine the true story behind blogging in the content ecosystem and also discuss an integrated marketing trend, the marketing ideas consumers love most.

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Need a celebrity for your next event? New technology may allow you to bring Elvis, Marilyn Monroe or Elvis to your next customer meeting. Mark and Brooke look at this new trend as well as LinkedIn events, and the impact of digital detox ion the advertising industry.

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Machine learning is entering the world of everyday marketing helping us streamline tasks and free up time for our employees and customers. The tech is getting simpler and less expensive. Mark and Brooke look at how this can be applied to our everyday marketing lives. They also cover an unexpected new retail trend and discuss tech optimism versus tech pessimism.

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Mark Schaefer and guest Jay Baer reminisce about their decade in social media. What were the hits, the misses, the things they love, the trends they regret? Lots of wisdom and insight jam-packed into this unmissable episode!

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