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New from The Marketing Companion! Your favorite social media personalities as bendable action figures.
Just $12.99. Limited quantities available except for the Mark Schaefer edition. We have plenty of those.

One of my favorite activities is thinking and talking about what's coming next and there is nobody more fun to have that kind of discussion with than Tom Webster as we take on what's next in digital marketing. On the latest Marketing Companion, Tom and I introduce the Marketing Companion Holiday Catalog (and our new League of Legends Action Figures!) and dive into some things we're watching for 2015:

  • Why podcasting is having "a moment" and why agencies are behind a growing success
  • The mega-trend that may be forging all other digital trends
  • Billboards ... a trend?
  • The missing link to integrated marketing
  • Malignant complexity and its challenge to every marketer
  • Facebook -- are businesses going to be in or out? A flight away from Facebook and how it might play out.
  • The commoditization of Big Data and the trickle down to small businesses.

And many thanks to our friend Ralph Cipolla for the Awesome Graphic today! Ready to rock? Here we go!

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Content Shock post Old Spice integrated campaign Tableau software

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