The Marketing Companion

Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster debate content quantity versus quality on the web. Do you need to be first and overwhelming, or is there an increasing emphasis on originality that will help your company become discovered by an engaged,  relevant audience?

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Tom Webster and Mark Schaefer discuss the reality and mythology of entrepreneurship, innovation, the "Just Ship It" mentality and the romance of catastrophic failure.  Do you need to be "all in" to be a successful? Topics include:

  • The romance of catastrophic business failure
  • Why a "Just Ship It" mentality leads to problems
  • The true source of business innovation and progress
  • The untold side of the Apple story and survivor bias
  • The strategy paradox --why we don't learn from failures
  • Why you can't be Zappos
  • Is technology an enabler or a leveler of business innovation?
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