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What creates personal power on the web? Your title on an organizational chart doesn't matter. Your money doesn't matter. When you get down to it, you need to be known. Hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster explore this fascinating and important topic and introduce the world's first Marketing Olympics.

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New research reveals that the humble podcast is experiencing double-digit annual growth. Podcast consumers are more affluent, highly educated, and more connected to brands than the average consumer. Is podcasting the most effective way to connect to consumers in an increasingly ad-free world? Hosts Mark Schaefer and Tome Webster also introduce the latest product from the Marketing Labs, Tommodium, when being you is not enough.

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Public speaking is an often-overlooked opportunity to build a personal or business brand. Hear tips from professional speakers Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster on leveraging speeches in the marketing mix.

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Podcasting is on fire as more people consume content on-the-go through mobile devices. Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster take a look at podcasting lessons and make some predictions about the future of this platform.

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